Integrating creative modalities for integrative wellness.

Each creative modality has a unique texture to experience and explore.

Intermodal expressive arts welcomes us into a creative exploration of our interior and exterior spaces through expressive activities including creative visualization, body movement, visual art, poetry, sound, creative dramatics, and more. When we choose to go on a creative journey through one or more of these mediums we also explore layers of ourselves and our experience in new ways.

“Relaxing with the resistance helps to release its negative hold on expression.”

― Shaun McNiff, Trust the Process: An Artist's Guide to Letting Go

Hi, I’m Carly Rainé

I help people slow down into the present moment and sense into the creative impulse within them so they can uncover obstacles, relax through them, and explore what expressions what to come through.

I received a master’s in expressive arts counseling psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and am currently developing programs that support personal and community development through expressive arts activities and the practice of heart-centered authentic presence.

I also support integrative wellness through my practice as a Polarity Therapist.

Carly Rainé Canant is a steady listener and receptive bodyworker. They welcome people without judgement and provide gentle structure and potent space for slowing down and becoming more aware and attuned with the health, wholeness, and authenticity that radiates from within.

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