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Email: Carly@CalmPondPolarity.com
Phone: (510) sixsixsix - sevenzerozerothree

I offer both in person and remote sessions to meet you where you are.
Information about each session type is provided below.

Polarity Therapy

In person at Anam Cara Therapy Center (Berkeley, CA)

Polarity Therapy promotes deep rest and whole body-mind system functioning through person-centered communication and therapeutic touch. Principles of energetic and functional anatomy are applied within a friendly and welcoming environment to support you in connecting with your inner resources and uncovering the wellness already within you, just as you are.

I help people soften their thoughts, ease into meaningful rest, and restore fluid connectivity throughout their body. This promotes more clarity, vitality, and inner peace to savor and radiate onto loved ones and the world through greater awareness and stability.

If you want support orienting to and organizing around wellness, it would be an honor to meet with you.

Polarity Therapy

Over Zoom (wherever you are)

Many of the same benefits of an in person session are available through a session done over Zoom and provide the added convenience and familiarity of being in your own space.

Carly Canant is a receptive listener and bodyworker who meets people as they are and guides them to soften stress and notice the wholeness already present within them.

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