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Calm Pond Polarity.

I offer guidance and support to people who experience:
Constant thinking/rumination
‣ Lack of energy
Difficulty relaxing and/or sleeping
Suffering with physical or emotional pain
Feeling disconnected
‣ …and more…

If you identify with any of these, then you’re in the right place. 🌱🙏🌱

Hi, I’m Carly Rainé and I help people slow their mind down, find deep physical rest, and release tensions so they have more clarity, vitality, and peace within to enjoy and share with their loved ones and the world.

I’m here to support you in healing from within.

What is polarity therapy?

An integrative wellness practice that promotes health and wellbeing by encouraging stability and flow in the dynamic energy balance of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Everyone is different but some common benefits are: reduced physical, mental, and emotional tension, feeling more connected to your authentic self, feeling energized from within, and having more resilience to stressful experiences.

Polarity therapy involves relating with a welcoming and non-judgmental guide who invites you to rest deeply while also cultivating awareness and self-compassion. As your guide, I offer attentive presence and support through skillful communication and therapeutic touch that is informed by the health wisdom of Eastern and Western traditions including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Osteopathy, Anatomy, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Counseling Psychology.

“I believe that you’re worthy of care and deserve to know peace, joy, contentment, and connection.”

- Carly Rainé, MA, APP, EPP

As an integrative wellness practitioner I’m dedicated to encouraging your authentic presence and energetic balance so you can feel better and connect more with your life and loved ones. I water the seeds of attentive and kind presence, recognize and honor your unique situation and journey, and offer tools and guidance in the present moment to support you to relax and explore your experience at your own pace.

I’m certified in modern trauma-informed polarity therapy (Associate in Polarity Principals, American Polarity Therapy Association; Energy Principles Practitioner, International Polarity Education Alliance; Advanced student with the Polarity Therapy Institute) and have years of experience in counseling psychology (BA, Psychology, UC Berkeley; MA, Expressive Arts Counseling Psychology, CIIS), mindfulness (Buddhist and secular), and physical embodiment practices (physical theater, yoga, circus arts). I call upon all my training and experiences to support you on your healing journey.

I create and lead expressive arts classes and workshops infused with polarity therapy for individual and community transformation. If you’d like to learn more, click HERE.

What happens in a session?

Sessions begin when you arrive and I welcome you into the practice space. We’ll sit together and I’ll ask about how you’ve been these days and what you want to get from our session together. After talking for some minutes we’ll get to a natural transition point and move to therapeutic touch work. You’ll lie down fully clothed on a comfy bodywork table while I sit nearby to offer therapeutic touch to your feet, head, abdomen, hands, shoulders, etc. based on your unique needs. Once the therapeutic touch work is complete, you’ll have a few minutes to simply rest on the table and take in what’s present for you. In closing, I’ll invite you to sit up and reflect on the session and share any final impressions you may have.

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Carly Rainé promotes authentic presence and integrative wellness through polarity therapy and expressive arts workshops and classes in Eureka, Montana and online.

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