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Hello! I’m the happening that goes by the name Carly Rainé Canant. I was born in Fremont, CA and am mostly of Irish and British descent. I identify as Queer and nonbinary and use they/them gender pronouns.

As a young person, I loved training in and performing circus arts and physical theater and have two professional certificates in those fields. I also enjoy learning about the experience of being human and have studied psychology for many years; human emotions and personality at the University of California at Berkeley and the intersection of counseling psychology and expressive arts at the California Institute of Integral Studies. After a year of working as a psychotherapist after graduation, I changed gears and chose work as a landscape gardener. Through a series of fortuitous events, I (re)discovered Polarity Therapy in 2020 and began studying with my teacher Brian Jansen. I’m now an advanced student and teacher’s assistant at the Polarity Therapy Institute of San Francisco and growing my private practice. In the summer of 2023, I returned to my roots with the Girl Scouts of Northern California and joined the leadership team at Camp Bothin as the Wellness Advisor.

I currently live in Aptos, CA with my wonderful dog who loves to fetch and chase lizards. I enjoy spending time in nature, making and eating delicious food, and playing games and having conversations with my loved ones.

I’m very grateful for the ways Polarity Therapy has helped me heal and grow and for the opportunity to support others with this practice. I look forward to meeting with you and supporting you on your healing-growing journey. 🙏🏻

Carly Rainé Canant is a steady listener and receptive bodyworker. They welcome people without judgement and provide gentle structure and potent space for slowing down and becoming more aware and attuned with the health, wholeness, and authenticity that radiates from within.

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