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Did you know?

I made a collection of paintings in 2005/2006 while I was living in Chicago, Illinois.

It’s something of a miracle that I still have them…

In 2021, while moving from the Bay Area to rural Montana the truck and trailer I was using to transport all my belongings was stolen from in front of a friend’s house in Portland, Oregon.

After two days of searching, my friend and I located the truck which still contained some of my most precious belongings – including these paintings!

In 2022, I showed this collection.

In collaboration with Sunburst Arts & Education, I had the opportunity to present many pieces in this collection in three post offices, all in small towns in rural Montana.

What now?

These pieces have been in my collection a long time. They represent an important time in my life as I was figuring out how to be myself in the world. The quality of the characters and the situations depicted in this collection speak to my process of trying to make sense of the world of my subconscious coming to the surface which was filled with these… feelings and experiences with reality that felt more than I could make sense of with my thoughts alone.

Lost, Found, and Letting Go Again.

Showing these works in public felt like a completion
and I’m feeling ready to let go even more.

Do any of these pieces resonate with you?

I’m now making these original pieces available to buy.
From $40 for smaller pieces and $80 for larger ones.

All paintings are acrylic on masonite. Robot Mixed MEdia also includes found objects.

Contact me!

Thank you for checking out this page and reading my story.

For inquiries or further information, please contact me at

If you would like to see a simplified album
of the pieces for sale and their titles, please click HERE.

Carly Rainé Canant is a steady listener and receptive bodyworker. They welcome people without judgement and provide gentle structure and potent space for slowing down and becoming more aware and attuned with the health, wholeness, and authenticity that radiates from within.

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